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Sometimes you just need to talk things out and gain some direction, develop a strategy or take a deeper look into your journey. You can book one of our three consultations below. 

The Business Needs Assessment is a fifteen-minute call for the person who has general queries about services they may be interested in or provided high level guidance on next steps. 

The Strategy Consultation is just like it sounds an opportunity to layout your dilemma and engage with Coach Austin on a strategy to implement the next steps to move you forward over the course of 30 minutes. 

The Deep Dive Consultation gives you an hour with Coach Austin to go in depth and talk about your business journey and needs. 

Business Needs Assessment

15 min


Strategy is Key

30 min



Modern Workspace

Deep Dive Consultation

60 min


Smiling Businessman

In-Person Deep Dive Consultation


Taking Note

In-person Strategy Consultation


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