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Coach Jean' Austin

My entrepreneurial spirit was birthed as a young kid.  My grandparents on both sides of my family owned and operated successful businesses that spanned three very different markets.  I was exposed to real estate development, fashion and design, and agriculture.   My Mom and Dad had jobs in corporate America, yet I was reared to be my own boss throughout my entire upbringing.  The year is 2006 and I experienced a layoff from my career in oncology research within the prominent Houston Medical Center.  I immediately went into a depression because I had a young daughter and a teen stepdaughter looking to Dad to be all right.  In 2007, I incorporated my first company and never looked back.  

Success was not immediate but with very hard work I used my academic and research background coupled with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and began to develop my brand.  Through two recessions my business was battered and bruised but not defeated.  My faith was truly tested and forged in the fire! 

​After the financial crisis of 2007-2008, I was in the process of reinventing a brand once again.  It wasn’t frustrating, I just knew that we had to hop on things before my team and I would not be able to provide for my family.  I was approached by a few small businesses to find out how I was moving along amid this recession.  They needed help getting their business dreams off the ground.   Six months later, I found myself teaching and coaching four other small businesses.  It was an awesome feeling and from that point till now, I have been coaching.   I did not seek to be a business coach; yet, God has given me a gift to teach, and I am so glad for the losses and late nights.  I have been very blessed with a few successes.   Nonetheless, my worse loss hit me really hard.  I found myself in the middle of a federal investigation with conspiracy charges looming over my head.

The loss came from trusting the wrong people and focusing on "closing the deal"  and not minding the company I kept.   My poor decisions led me to a legal battle that I could not win nor prepare myself or family for.  It would lead me to losing everything.  I could have sold my soul and walked away from it unscathed. But I could not be that person. I had people that expected me to rebound. I did not have the luxury of losing my soul and giving up.   I can stand before anyone today as a man with a clear conscious and stronger than I was before.

​I had the good fortune to have been brought up with an entrepreneurial mindset by my family.  However, many of us were not taught the importance of strategy or magnitude of financial literacy and investing.  The more I listen to my clients and others; I realize that there is a massive knowledge gap regarding business and HOW to establish and run a sustainable business.  This knowledge is what keeps me focused on attacking this market with a vengeance.   It reinforces my desire to help every entrepreneur that I can be successful.

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